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INDASTRO Profscreen LC2.5

INDASTRO Profscreen LC2.5

INDASTRO Profscreen LC2.5

INDASTRO LC 2.5 anticorrosive compound is designed to protect the reinforcement steel against corrosion and to create an adhesive layer.
Technological and easy to use
Creates a barrier at the pressure of water on a concrete structure
Protection against the effects of aggressive media


INDASTRO Profscreen LC 2.5 anticorrosive compound is designed to protect the reinforcement steel against corrosion and to create an adhesive layer between old and new concrete.


Profscreen LC2.5 is made on the basis of cement, graded sand, and modifying additives. This product is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful impurities that have a negative impact on human health. Fully compliant with hygienic standards that are valid in the territory of the Russian Federation.


  • Compliance with all the standards for protection of reinforcement steel when performing concreting operations
  • Possibility of use as an adhesive layer due to its properties
  • Fast setting of the compound, which allows reducing processing interruptions, which ultimately leads to lower production costs
  • The gray color of the compound allows for absence of untreated reinforcement areas

Scope of application

Profscreen LC2.5 material is used to protect steel reinforcement from corrosion and to create an adhesive layer between old and new concrete.

Technical characteristics

Surface appearance Gray, powdered
Thickness of application, mm (two layers) 2
Application of the second layer In 40 minutes
Fresh mortar density, kg/m³ 1800
Water consumption, l/kg 0,25-0,28
Resistance to freezing and thawing, cycles 300
Application life, min 60
Work implementation temperature, °C +5….+35

Application experience

Central Dynamo Stadium

Brief instructions for the implementation of remedial work

Substrate preparation

Steel Reinforcement

It is necessary to remove all the corrosive phenomena from the concrete base and from all the reinforcement steel (e.g. by sandblasting).


If Profscreen LC2.5 is used as an adhesive compound, the substrate must be stiff, clean, and capable of bearing the load. Particularly dense and smooth substrates that are not capable of bearing the load of the layers (e.g., dirt, old coatings, vapor protective layers, water-repellent materials, or cement grout) as well as damaged concrete surfaces must be pre-treated with suitable mechanical means or by means of high-pressure water jetting. The pre-treated substrate must be dampened for, at least, 3 hours before the application of the materials. The surface must be damp, but it is necessary to avoid creating puddles.

Mortar preparation

In order to prepare the mortar, the contents of the bag must be poured into a tank with clean water at a rate of 5-5.6 liters of water per 20-kg bag while constantly mixing until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mortar must be mixed with the use of an industrial-grade mixer. The use of gravity-type mixers for mixing as well as manual mixing are not recommended. The entire bag with the material must be used for mixing. The mortar must be set aside to cure for 3-5 minutes and then re-mixed. Then, the mortar is ready for use. The mortar must be used within 60 minutes from the moment of pre-mixing with water. In case of increased viscosity of the mortar in the tank (within the life time of the mortar), it is necessary to remix the mortar without adding water. Do not exceed the required value for the volume of water!!! Only clean capacities, tools, and water must be used for the preparation of the mortar.


The substrate and ambient temperatures during processing and over the next 12 hours must be between +5 °C and +35 °C.

As anti-corrosion protection of reinforcement

Apply the mixed material with a soft brush to the entire area of ​​the prepared reinforcement steel. The layer thickness must be, at least, 1 mm (with the consumption of, approximately, 1.4 kg / m2). If the first layer dries to a slightly moist state (after about 40-50 minutes), apply a second dense layer. Before applying the concrete repair mortar, the material hardens within, approximately, 2 hours (at the temperature of +20 °C). Upon subsequent application with the use of mechanical spraying, the coating must completely cure within 8 hours (at 20 °C).

As an adhesive layer

Apply the mixed material with the use of a stiff brush to the prepared damp substrate (approximate consumption: 2-3 kg / m2). Subsequent application of fresh repair material is implemented according to the “wet-to-wet” rule. Under any circumstances, it is necessary to prevent the adhesive compound from drying up. In case of drying of Profscreen LC2.5 material, it is necessary to apply a second layer on top of the one that has dried up. Setting and curing times are highly dependent on environmental conditions.

Subsequent Care

Curing time is highly dependent on environmental conditions. The non-cured material must be protected from exposure to water.