Non-shrink grouting systems

INDASTRO Innoline NC60

INDASTRO Innoline NC60

INDASTRO Innoline NC60

Innoline NC60 grouting compound is designed for high-precision mounting of industrial equipment and grouting under column supports. Installation thickness: from 10 mm to 100 mm.
Technological and easy to use
Creates a barrier at the pressure of water on a concrete structure
Protection against the effects of aggressive media


NC60 Innoline is made on the basis of cement, graded sand, and modifying additives. This product is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful impurities that have a negative impact on human health.

Fully compliant with sanitary-hygienic standards that are valid in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The product is manufactured from environmentally compatible raw materials in compliance with the technical specifications of the manufacturer.


  • High flowability of the finished mortar
  • High resistance to shrinking
  • Fast curing
  • Application layer thickness: from 10 mm to 100 mm

Scope of application

Innoline NC60 grouting compound is used for high-precision mounting of the following industrial equipment and grouting under column supports:

  • Pressure machinery, machine tools
  • Generators, pumps, compressors
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Diesel engines
  • Formwork

Technical characteristics

Grade compression strength (bending strength), MPa, on day 1 35 (5)
Grade compression strength (bending strength), MPa, on day 7 50 (8)
Grade compression strength (bending strength), MPa, on day 28 60 (10)
Gripping power, MPa, after 28 hours 1,5
Elastic modulus, MPa >30000
Consumption per 1 mm, kg/m² 1,9-2,1
Installation thickness, mm 10-100
Application life, min 60
Water ratio, l / kg 0,12
Work implementation temperature, °C +5….+30
Fineness of the aggregate, mm 3
Resistance to freezing and thawing, cycles 300
Storage term, months 12

Application experience

Reconstruction of Zvenigorod grade-crossing-elimination structure
Luzhniki Olympic Sport Complex Grand Sports Arena

Brief instructions for the implementation of remedial work

Substrate preparation

Before use, it is necessary to remove the loose-material layer to a strong foundation with the use of a light pneumatic hammer, a needle gun or a water-jetting and sandblasting unit. It is necessary to clean the concrete surface from dust, grease stains, and other contamination that prevent adhesion of the material to the surface and to condition the surface. It is also necessary to thoroughly clean the bolts and the bearing surface of the frame base (the equipment bearing slab) from fat and oil stains, dust, and other contamination that could interfere with cement hydration. The frame base must have air outlets. Install, align, and level the equipment and make sure that the final location position will not change during the subsequent stages of the work. After installing and leveling of the equipment, the foundation concrete must be soaked with water prior to pouring the grouting compound. Remove excess water with the use of compressed air or with a rag.

Formwork Installation

The formwork must be made from a durable, waterproof material in order to prevent leakage of Innoline grouting compound and must be secured in order to withstand the pressure of the compound after casting and alignment. From the side that will be used to pour the grouting compound, it is necessary to provide for a gap of 150 mm between the side that will be used for pouring and the equipment frame base. On the sides, it is necessary to provide for clearance of, at least, 50 mm between the formwork and the sides of the frame. Formwork must be sealed in order to prevent leakage.

Mortar preparation

In order to prepare the mortar, the contents of the bag must be poured into a tank with clean water (the ratio is specified on the sticker) while constantly mixing until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mortar must be mixed with the use of an industrial-grade mixer. The use of gravity-type mixers for mixing as well as manual mixing are not recommended. The mortar must be set aside to cure for 3-5 minutes and then re-mixed. Then, the mortar is ready for use. The application time of the material is indicated on the sticker. In case of increased viscosity of the mortar in the tank (within the life time of the mortar), it is necessary to remix the mortar without adding water. Do not exceed the required value for the volume of water!!! Only clean capacities, tools, and water must be used for the preparation of the mortar.


When pouring the grouting compound, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the installation of the equipment with the use of a leveling gauge, which must be placed on the equipment frame base. It is necessary to eliminate vibration from the machinery operated nearby for the time that it is necessary for the installed Innoline grouting compound to set and to reach the initial strength (no less than 10-12 hours at the temperature of 20 oC) because vibration can reduce the adhesive strength between the material and the frame base. The mortar must be poured continuously and from one side only in order to avoid air entrapment. Entrained air must be let out through the holes that have been previously made in the base slab. The guaranteed quality of work is provided by a flexible steel cable or rod that must be preliminarily placed between the base and the base slab. Reciprocating movement of the cable in the course of installation allows for even distribution of the material and elimination of air entrapment. After the application of the grouting compound, it is necessary to protect the surface from moisture loss for no less than 24 hours. Maintenance can be implemented either by spraying water or by applying a wet packing cloth.