INDASTRO Smartscreen HC31 Pt

INDASTRO Smartscreen HC31 Pt

INDASTRO Smartscreen HC31 Pt

Smartscreen HC31 Pt rigid penetrating waterproofing is designed to seal the concrete structure.
Technological and easy to use
Creates a barrier at the pressure of water on a concrete structure
Protection against the effects of aggressive media


Smartscreen HP31 Pt rigid penetrating waterproofing is a ready-to-use dry mix that consists of special cements, graded aggregates, organic additives, and chemical agents that are capable of crystallization in the pores of the treated concrete.

It is intended to eliminate water seepage through concrete structures. This concrete-structure sealing effect is achieved due to the formation of crystals of low solubility in the capillaries and the pores in the treated concrete area that are filled with liquid, which prevents the transfer of fluid through them. The material is applied to the prepared concrete surface.

The waterproofing material is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful impurities that have a negative impact on human health.

Fully compliant with hygienic standards that are valid in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The product is manufactured from environmentally compatible raw materials in compliance with the technical specifications of the manufacturer.


  • High workability and usability of the product
  • Creation of a barrier under positive and negative water pressure on the concrete structure
  • Protection against aggressive environmental impacts

Scope of application

This product is recommended for waterproofing the inside of concrete structures: tanks (including tanks with drinking water), swimming pools, water conditioning and purification and water treatment facilities, hydroelectric dams, culverts, cooling towers, industrial smoke chimneys (cold joints of the chimney shaft), and water towers.

It can also be used to prevent the infiltration of water into the following concrete structures from the outside: cellars of buildings, tunnels, shafts and pits, foundations, retaining walls, elevator shafts, bridge decks, and port facilities.

Technical characteristics

Water impermeability (direct pressure), grade >W12
Water impermeability (reverse pressure), grade >W8
Increase of waterproofing of the concrete brand At least, 3 grades
Water consumption for 1 kg of the dry mix 0,30-0,32
Consumption of mixture during application in 2 layers, kg/m² 1,1
Application of subsequent layers (subject to pre-moistening of the previous layer), after, minutes 60
Mortar application life, minutes No less than 60
Recommended number of layers 2
Work implementation temperature, °C +5…+30

Brief instructions for the implementation of remedial work

New Construction

Water impermeability of concrete of structures that contain water or in which the water does not flow is violated in most cases in the areas of construction joints or joints that occur during breaks in concreting. This product can be used to ensure the tightness of the structure in the area of construction joints.

Smartscreen HC31 Pt can be used:

  • on horizontal surfaces with the use of the method of “dry application” on top of fresh concrete;
  • on vertical surfaces, where the material is applied as a slurry on top of fresh concrete.

In conditions of high groundwater levels, Smartscreen HC31 Pt can be applied to the surface of concrete foundation pads directly before the subsequent pouring of concrete in the form of a cement slurry or by means of the method of “dry application” to fresh concrete. This “sandwich system” does not allow seepage of groundwater.

Operated Structures

Facilities that experience seepage or penetration of water must be carefully examined in order to determine the cause of these phenomena. Defects in concrete and static cracks with the width in excess of 1 mm must necessary be cut, dampened, and repaired with the use of INDASTRO materials. In the presence of active dry cracks, they must be sealed with the use of INDASTRO materials. Active leaking through concrete structures must be eliminated with the use of Profscreen RC5 R quick-setting compound.

Surface Preparation

The surface onto which the material will be applied must be free of dust, oil stains, grease, solidified residues of binder compositions and paint, mold, concrete care and other compositions for the surface treatment that may prevent the adhesion and the penetration of active ingredients into concrete. This applies to polymer-cement plaster compounds and those substrates that have been pre-treated with the use of silicone-based hydrophobizing compounds. It is necessary to remove cement grout in order to open the capillary channels and pores of concrete for the necessary penetration of active ingredients of Smartscreen HC31 Pt into the concrete. The best degree of surface treatment is achieved with the use of water-jet units with a working pressure of, at least, 350 atm. In this case, water saturation of concrete occurs in addition to surface cleaning. Before applying Smartscreen HC31 Pt, the concrete surface must be thoroughly moistened with water until full saturation.

Mortar preparation

In order to prepare the mortar, the contents of the bag must be poured into a tank with clean water at a rate of 0.30-0.32 liter per kg while constantly mixing. The mortar must be mixed with the use of an industrial-grade mixer. The mortar must be set aside to cure for 3-5 minutes and then re-mixed. Then, the mortar is ready for use. The mortar must be used within 1 hour from the moment of pre-mixing with water. In case of increased viscosity of the mortar in the tank (within the life time of the mortar), it is necessary to remix the mortar without adding water. Only clean capacities, tools, and water must be used for the preparation of the mortar.


Smartscreen HC31 Pt must be applied to a moistened substrate with the use of a brush or a plaster airbrush. The material must be applied in, at least, two layers. The second layer may be applied after 1 hour with preliminary dampening.

Humidity Care

Following the applying of HC31 Pt Smartscreen, it is necessary to perform humidity care for 2-3 days.